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The Unique Journey of Block Printing in Fashion

The Unique Journey of Block Printing in Fashion

A trip to the Altamira caves in the northern parts of Spain is nothing short of fascinating. The walls come alive with a wealth of information documented back from the Palaeolithic era. The unique signs and symbols unveil parables of a bygone epoch.

Emblematic patterns were etched on the walls of caves, and were duly beautified using organic dyes and pigments.

Animal Prints

As times progressed, man thought of an inventive ways of making knowledge more globally available in the form of books, scrolls, pieces of cloth. This is precisely how block prints came into being.

 animal motifFlower motif 2

Tracing Back

The ancient technique of block printing hailed from Egypt. Fragments of cotton cloth are found in the Fustat region in Egypt, shows traces of block printing practices that existed in the region. The art was taken to China, after which we Indian’s perfected the same.

 Flower Tulip

Block print scarf


The building blocks

If we’d put it in a nutshell, blocks of wood were etched with noteworthy designs that were produced by skilled craftsman. These blocks were coated with ink or dyes. This piece of wood was then stamped onto the cloth or the paper. The technique was mastered over a period of time. In India, the geographic demarcation enabled designers to produce designs singular to their own region. 




The Decline

One witnessed a sudden upsurge in demands for produce that was cheap and manufactured in bulk. With growing industrialization in the west, the cloth manufacturing assumed a new stature, pretty much pushing the weavers and block printers in the South East parts of Asia to their decline.


An Attempt to Revive

It is only on comprehending the nuances of design and print, Turban trunk opts for more authentic methods of impression to be implemented on their turbans and scarves. The block print is very telling of the Indian culture. The perfect juxtaposition of unique designs from the in-house designers at Turban Trunk and the uncanny reproduction of those designs onto cloth, using the block print technique, produced by the famed Chippa family of Rajasthan, take the brand beyond boundaries. One witnesses the perfect conjunction of narratives from bygone times and elements of the new age come together synonymously producing customary tales spelling boundless joy. 



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