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Making Bespoke Designs

Making Bespoke Designs

Welcome to the age of customisation! Gone are the days when you had to trawl through a collection of readymade products and make do with a product close to but not quite what you wanted. You now have the option to design your products from start to finish, exactly the way you would like it. From printing styles to fabric to the print design, anything and everything is customisable. But before we dive into the details, it’s important to understand how to build your product.

What are we making?

When we think of customised products, we tend to restrict ourselves subconsciously. We gravitate towards matching ties or customised tshirts. We are here to tell you that, that is a thing of the past. As long as it is fabric based, we would be happy to work with you to design a product that matches your imagination.

Choosing your Fabric

Have you had moments where you’ve looked at the material mix of a piece of clothing and wondered what it meant? An important aspect of creating your product is to understand the fabric and how it will work on the final product. The same print would look and feel completely different on silk, when compared to cotton. On the other hand, some fabrics do not work on all products. For example, silk is difficult to work with on turbans, as it does not hold the shape well.

A convenient method is to think of a reference. When you have a sample of the cloth you like, it becomes simpler to match it.

Select the Printing

Here’s an example of how different the same design can look when made in block printing and digital printing. Block printing is done completely by hand and has the natural look with inconsistencies. While digital printing leans towards a smoother finish with cleaner lines. Both of which look beautiful depending on what kind of finish you would like. The same colour can also look quite different depending on the fabric that the design is printed on.

Visualise your Design

Bespoke designs usually stem from a thought or theme running through your occasion. It could be your wedding card, your favourite sport or a treasured memory. There is always a starting point that guides you towards a final design. Once you have an idea of what your starting point is, speak to our designers and they’ll translate the same into reality.

 Speaking of our designers, they will naturally request you to share your ideas of product layout, dimensions and more. For instance, if customised scarves are being made, you could specify the length & width, colours, border etc. However, that is a conversation to have with our experts. As they will be able to guide you, step by step. 

Sampling The Product

A key step in the process is to make a sample of your design. Many times a design which looks great on screen, does not translate quite the same way on the actual product. It’s best to be on the safer side and test the design before confirming the final version and numbers. 

If you would like to explore the Bespoke option, feel free to click here and book an appointment with our team.


A combination of factors

As you create a product, you’ll see that every element of the design contributes towards making it perfect. The fabric will affect the texture of the product, the printing style will impact the look of the print and so on and so forth. But, if chosen with care, you’ll get a product exactly the way you imagined it. Practically perfect in every way.


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