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    We invite you to wander through our collections. We offer a wide range of designs that are all exclusive to Turban Trunks

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    As you browse through our collections, you can add designs either to your wish list or directly to the shopping cart. You can pick the colour combination and material you want and opt for personalised inserts. For turbans, you can choose pre-tied in different styles or untied and flat packed.

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    Next step, review the order and change any part of the order before proceeding to checkout.

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Making A Bespoke Order
  • 1. Design

    We will start with your inspiration and design ideas, work on the detail and finalise with you.

  • 2. Sample

    We will quote to develop samples for you with the agreed design on your choice of fabric, using hand block printing or digital printing as desired.

  • 3. Review & Confirm

    You will need to review the samples, sign off on them and pay in advance for the finalised order.

  • 4. Shipping & Delivery

    We will process your order and ship the products as specified. Your shipment will be delivered within 3-5 days after dispatch.



If you are ordering tied turbans, it is very important that they are a perfect fit and sit comfortably on the head. This is why we cater for the exact head size for each guest, no matter the numbers.

Once you’ve placed the order, you will get an automated email requesting the head sizes for all your guests. It will walk you through the simple steps to measure head sizes and you can fill out the details, as convenient. You also have the option of providing email IDs and we will contact your guests directly. Do keep in mind that there will be a deadline by when the head sizes need to be finalised so we can process the order on time.