Welcome to Turban Trunks


Our Story

Turban Trunks emerged from a chance conversation on how our rich artisanal traditions could be harnessed to create designs for special occasion dressing that are relevant to today's needs and aspirations.  


The team at Turban Trunks has an abiding passion for blending the old with the new and this passion is reflected in our collections especially our traditional wedding turbans with hand block printed designs on fine cotton mull and pocket squares on silk with state-of-the art digital printing.


Our belief in the power of fabric to create treasured memories is why we also offer to build bespoke designs and products based on our customers' requirements.

Our Vision

Making memories by design
Our vision is to create cherished memories for our clients and their friends and families, through a range of accessories that can be gifted and worn at special occasions.
Our product range currently includes turbans, scarves and pocket squares. Be it safas for a wedding baaraat or return gifts for a milestone birthday, our products are designed to be used and reused after the event in new and innovative ways and to serve as a reminder of past celebrations.


Our Promise


Each design is exclusive to Turban Trunks. Elegant and distinctive, our products will surely add that special touch to any occasion.


With four decades in the textiles industry, we truly understand fabric and surface printing. We make no compromises on quality.


We understand the criticality of your deadlines and pride ourselves on our streamlined production and delivery processes.

Our Team

Kavita Soni

Founder and Creative Head

Kavita has always found the process of creating and working with fabric magical and inspiring. As a child, she recalls being fascinated by how master craftsmen hand tufted wool carpets with infinite skill and patience. With decades of experience in the industry, both locally and abroad, she has a deep understanding of textile production and surface printing techniques and the role that texture, colour and design play in creating a quality fabric. For Kavita, Turban Trunks has been the most natural blending of that experience with India's rich artisanal heritage.

Pooja Aggarwal


Pooja is a seasoned entrepreneur and her involvement with Turban Trunks stems from her passion for personalisation. It started with her crafts company, which steadily led to creating customised products online. You’ll usually see her sitting in a corner, headphones and PJs on, designing our packaging, tinkering with the website, planning an online campaign or putting together the next brochure. Our self-proclaimed geek and social media guru, Pooja spends her days (and sometimes nights!) deftly combining design with technology to transform ideas into reality.

Santana Khurana


With a background in Information Technology and bringing a wealth of management and business analytics experience to the team, Santana has recently made Jaipur her home. Immersing herself in the rich cultural heritage of the city, her favorite pastime is sharing endless cups of tea and kachoris (a local delicacy) with the safawalas (turban makers) in the bylanes of the Walled City, or visiting and admiring the work of the master craftsmen that bring our design ideas to life. Santana is also a self confessed compulsive list maker and planner!

Building Our Products

From Mumbai to Jaipur, we went searching for the finest worksmanship to source our materials and to build our products. Our design team headed by Rajlaxmi Pandit is based in Mumbai and so is our digital printing team that uses state-of-the-art technology to print our designs. Invaluable back office support is provided by Mamta Rajpurohit and Lakshita Pugalia to make this all possible.

For our hand block printed products, we are extremely fortunate to have found a master craftsman in Jaipur who carves all our blocks by hand and remains unfazed by the intricacy of our designs and the sheer skill that they demand. He transforms each design into as many blocks as the number of colours in the design, plus one more block in which the design is carved out (intaglio) so that a base colour can be hand blocked on the fabric.


Once all the blocks are ready for a design and the fabric and colours have been prepared for the blocking process, the fabric is stretched out on long tables and a master printer dips each block in a wooden colour tray and stamps the block on the fabric with a strong but steady hand, aligning each block with uncanny precision. The fabric is dried, steamed to fix the colours, edges stitched and ironed before it is undergoes a final quality check and is packed for shipping.


All our packaging is made in Sanganer, a village 12 km from the old walled city in Jaipur, and a hub for handmade paper production. Starting with waste from the hosiery industry, the cloth is shredded and soaked in huge vats of colour before it is dried naturally in large dark sheds where thousand of paper sheets hang from the ceiling using giant clips. Both heat and light can damage the paper before it is fully dried. The dried sheets of paper are then pressed to the required level of roughness. After the logo and gold borders have been screen printed on to these sheets, custom dies are used to prepare our signature boxes. Each box is painstakingly assembled by a member of our team and quality checked before the turban, scarf or pocket squares are placed in it.