Welcome to Turban Trunks

We specialise in bespoke fashion accessories for weddings and other momentous occasions. We also carry our own extensive range of exclusive designs that you can choose from.

Our signature product is our unique range of exquisitely hand block printed turbans. Each turban is individually crafted to perfection and unlike most wedding turbans, our turbans are meant to be for keeps. Complement your choice of turban with scarves and pocket squares from our collections or order any of our products separately as gifts for that special family, corporate or club event. And add that personalised touch using our bespoke option.


Making memories by design

Our vision is to create cherished memories for our clients, their families and friends, through a range of designer accessories that can be worn and gifted at special occasions. We invite you to design your own bespoke turbans, scarves and pocket squares, which remain as a reminder of moments shared.  

Come create products as carriers of your  message. 

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The Unique Journey of Block Printing in Fashion The Unique Journey of Block Printing in Fashion


The ancient technique of block printing hailed from Egypt. Fragments of cotton cloth are found in the Fustat region in Egypt, shows traces of block printing practices that existed in the region. Th...

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Style your turban your way Style your turban your way

Across nations, the turban can reflect on one’s culture or religion. A quirky head-gear, that is fast becoming a style statement. The origins of the turban could have gone down in history, but the acc...

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Making Bespoke Designs Making Bespoke Designs

Welcome to the age of customisation! Gone are the days when you had to trawl through a collection of readymade products and make do with a product close to but not quite what you wanted. You now have ...

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